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Think good

When you become conscious of what you think or speak, negative thoughts will go away.

Feel good

Moving my body gives me energy, getting up early and eating well – this all, is pretty much what your habits can be made of.

Do good

Do what you preach! If you say you will make your bed, make your bed. It takes 34s of your day.

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I try my best to provide quality services for all people. I tend to be very fair and flexible. I appreciate and respect all who would love to have a chat with me or register your kids to the activities I hold. With gratitude,

What my students say about me and the courses

''I witnessed her excellent abilities and temperament with children first hand. I believe that she is competent and experienced enough to fit and help anyone who needs any advice about parenting or children.''


“Katja brought everything to my family! She's passionate and inspiring. She evokes peace, happiness and decisiveness during our sessions. Getting help for my family was a must and Katja was just fabulous, I highly recommend her!''


''Katja is an absolute powerhouse of energy, her positivity, passion for movement and fitness is evident from the first few beats of the warm up. She makes you feel so welcome and boy... you can expect the most fun workout possible!! Looking forward to my next class already!''


''Where do I start. She is amazing, energetic, positive, gorgeous, beautiful person and soul. I love her to bits. She brings out the best in people including me. I love doing zumba classes with her she pushed me to get in front of class and dance with her. Her energy and smile are sooo addictive. I would loved to be at more of her classes and dance with her. She is an amazing friend to can talk to her easily and great for getting help and advise xxxx''


''Katja fills the entire room with her passionate energy! Taking a Zumba class with her allows you to have 100% fun while working into a great sweat. I would definitely take her class weekly if I lived in Ireland!''


''First class tonight absolutely loved it can’t wait to go back tomorrow morning. So energetic and enjoyable thanks katja''