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Hiking with kids

Hiking for kids and teenagers around Slovenia
6yrs +

The idea is to pick different hike every week. The trails itself are flexible to kids ability and my patience (joke aside).
I have no expectations and I do think hiking should be fun!

We play games and challenge ourselves while we hike.
We draw, colour and read on the road. And we sometimes get lost. And that’s okay.

In winter time we also ski, snowboard, sledge or cross-ski. And as soon as summer is here, we go to swim.

At the moment I’m flexible with days – so dates and times can be changed.
We will spend few hours together, possibly more on some days, or less on other days – depending on the location, situation.

I work with kids and parents for over 10 years now and I have done hikes with kids before, many times before.

How does all work?

We meet in Ljubljana – Bežigrad (you receive the address once I get your confirmation).
I will inform you about the exact hiking trail 3 days before our trip (we must consider weather forecast) and that will allow you time to pay and confirm if your child is participating.

If we head in your direction I can pick up your kids from your home, just inform me a day ahead. If your child needs a pick up from your home, that is in a different direction than our location, write it in your notes when registering.

Please bare in mind I can take max. 4 kids per our trip, so once your confirmation comes through, the payment is non-refundable. I believe in quality, therefore, I tend to keep small groups.

I appreciate my time on EUR25 per person. If the group is not full (4 kids), the price is EUR50.

The price can be negotiable and includes:
– transfer
– snacks on the road (please let me know if your child has allergies when you register)
– a hiking ‘passport’ on the first day
– photos

We speak in English and we like to hang out with our friendly dog Lina.


I’m looking forward to our hike.

Your kids are in safe hands,
love blessings to all,

Online reservation

Book the hiking trip below. I will inform you about the exact hiking trail 3 days before our trip.


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